David R. Allen, Attorney at Law

Providing Quality Legal Services to the Commodity Industry

The commodity legal industry is dominated by large law firms that cater to established industry participants.  For a start-up business or a cost conscious company, retaining one of these law firms may not make financial sense.  Even if you decide to retain one of these large firms, often times your matter will be assigned to a junior associate who is “learning on the job” at your expense.  The result may be a project that takes longer than it should and costs more than you want to pay.

David R. Allen has over thirty years of experience in commodity law, including working at the National Futures Association and a large Chicago law firm.  The quality of his legal services is equal to what you should expect from a large law firm but at a cost effective price.

More importantly, if you retain his legal services you get his legal expertise.  At every stage of his representation, he is involved in your project.  By drawing upon his vast knowledge and experience, he provides his clients with an efficient approach to legal services that enables him to move projects from inception to completion in an expeditious manner. 

Please note that although he works with many start-up firms, he also represents firms that have hundreds of millions under management. 

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